Merger Reports

Mergers and Acquisitions

Chain Bridge Research provides independent research on mergers and acquisitions across global markets. Three distinct services are published covering M&A in the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific regions.

All announced deals for which the market capitalization of the target is greater than $500 million are covered in detail, except in exceptional cases where liquidity is too thin to justify coverage. This includes coverage of all announced transactions as well as potential follow-on bids. Certain deals below this $500 million threshold may also be covered if liquidity is sufficient. Comprehensive reports examining pre-announced situations will also be published.

The analysis of each deal includes: 

  • Terms of the offer
  • Conditions attached to the offer
  • Offer timetable
  • Risk analysis
    • Competition regulation
    • Takeover regulation
    • Potential competition, regulatory issues
    • Political risk
  • Rationale for the deal
  • Valuation of the target
  • Value of the target to the bidder

CB Research analysts are fluent in a range of languages, and have developed expertise in regulation, competition and takeover regulation across global markets. Our internal expertise is supplemented by contact with lawyers and regulators in the individual markets.

On individual deals, our analysis will provide:

  • An initial report typically published the day of announcement, providing a detailed description of the deal (as described above)
  • Follow up reports that actively monitor ongoing deals and provide clients with updates to our initial view.
  • Additional expertise through contact with lawyers and regulators in the individual markets.

In addition, the analyst team produces regular updates on the progress of deals

  • Daily Notes are published every morning, and provide headlines of developments in existing deals and new situations.
  • Best Ideas, Discounts, Estimated Returns & Calendar is a bi-weekly publication that provides a timetable of historic and forward looking dates, current discounts, estimated settlement dates and estimated annualized returns for each of the deals under coverage.  This also includes our highest conviction trading ideas.

Clients have access to:

  • A secure website containing a searchable and downloadable archive of CB Research reports.
  • Unlimited contact with the analyst team.  Clients have personal telephone contact with the CB Research team. This is an enormous value-added aspect of the service. Analysts spend significant time discussing pertinent aspects of deals currently under coverage with the client base.
  • If requested, the team will also examine transactions below its minimum market capitalization criterion.



Americas Merger Report - SAMPLE RESEARCH

European Merger Report - SAMPLE RESEARCH

Asia Pacific Merger Report - SAMPLE RESEARCH

All materials published by Chain Bridge Research are intended for use only by professional, institutional, buy-side investors. Use by the general investing public is prohibited. The information and analysis contained in these publications are copyrighted and may not be duplicated or redistributed for any reason. Chain Bridge Research reserves the right to refuse any subscription request based upon the above criteria. Companies and individuals residing in Hungary, and affiliates of firms based in Hungary are prohibited from subscribing to the services of Chain Bridge Research.

Neither the information, nor any opinion expressed, in a Chain Bridge report constitutes a solicitation by Chain Bridge for the purchase or the sale of securities. Chain Bridge reports do not constitute a personal recommendation or take into account the particular investment objectives, financial situations, or needs of individual investors. The information set forth in the reports was obtained from publicly available sources that we believe to be reliable. While due care is taken by Chain Bridge in compiling the data and in forming its opinions, Chain Bridge gives no warranty, express or implied, and it does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information provided.

The reports published by Chain Bridge intend to provide professional, institutional, buy-side investors with a view regarding the various risks and critical factors impacting the completion of certain mergers and acquisitions. Therefore, the opinions expressed do not fit with traditional buy, sell, and hold ratings.